Perfect Salad for 2016 — Monkey Salad

2016 — the year of the Fire Monkey is almost here! Shouldn’t every New Year’s table have a symbol of the year to come? Actually, it is not that hard — lets make a Monkey Salad. Your kids will love the presentation. Of course, everyone will love the taste. It is ready to be served right away, but it is suggested that you let it settle for about 30 minutes, before serving — it will be even tastier. Try my recipe, please comment and like the video, subscribe for many more! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ingredients2 Chicken breast fillets3 eggs1 red onion150 g of Cheese2 apples3 table spoons of mayonnaiseWalnut (for decoration)Olives (for decoration)salt (to taste)ground black pepper (to taste)


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