Салат из маринованных грибов и копченой курицы

How to cook layered salad with smoked chicken and pickled mushroomThe Facebook group videos channel San Sanych, — https://vk.com/sasha4e Man cooks! Friends join the group with photo and video about a cool and delicious meals, cooking together and discussing! https://vk.com/muzhik.gotovitFishing in Tyumen and Tyumen region http://vk.com/riba2menSee more underwater with the fish and without me in the group! Invite: https://vk.com/underwaterfishhttps://vk.com/zagrib — join the group if you love to walk in the woods for mushrooms and berries.https://vk.com/klevoe.mesto follow all who love fishing and spending time outdoors.Fishing on spinning https://vk.com/spin.fish — invite to group.Fresh photos from the fishing trip: https://instagram.com/sasha_4e/Write to me in Twitter: https://twitter.com/sasha_4eWe need smoked chicken breast, cheese, eggs, pickled mushrooms and mayonnaise.Mushrooms cut and fry, eggs cook, chop the chicken. Stacked layers, mushrooms, mayonnaise, chicken grease and grate cheese on top and eggs.All the salad is ready.Bon appetit.


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